The Tarrant To & Through (T3) Partnership aims to ensure more Tarrant County Students have the training and skills they needed to thrive in today’s workforce. 

We believe that family encouragement and belief in their students’ future helps them to choose the best path to success. The T3 Family Alliance program is here to support families along the way.

For families, T3 programs, resources, and support begins in middle school. If a family member joins the T3 Family Alliance, the participant will gain access to the following resources:

Help navigating middle school 

Personalized support to choose best high school option

Access to family alliance associates

Stay updated on school and district information

Personalized resource connection based on family needs

The first step to become a T3 Family is to complete the T3 Family Alliance Form!


A few things to know before you begin:

  1. Only current Crowley ISD and FWISD families are eligible to join the T3 Family Alliance.
  2. If you run into any issues or have questions, please contact the Family Alliance team at family@t3partnership.org.